The International Forum for Teacher Educator Professional Development (InFo-TED)

InFo-TED was established in 2013 by four experienced teacher educators and researchers from Belgium, England, The Netherlands and Norway who decided that it was time to highlight the importance of teacher educators and the complexity of their professional learning. We could not wait for others to take action. We had to be proactive and do it ourselves (Lunenberg, Murray, Smith, & Vanderlinde, 2016; Murray, Lunenberg, & Smith (2017). Today, InFo-TED has an active group of 20 researchers from seven European countries, i.e., Ireland, Scotland and Israel in addition to the named countries above, and external members from the USA and Australia. Info-TED disseminates ideas, knowledge and research via our Summer Academies and website (for the underlying learning and design principles see here.


InFo-TED has developed a model and portal intended to support teacher educator development, and we conducted a Teacher Educator Summer Academy in 2018. The Academy has promoted in-depth collaborative learning of experienced European teacher educators and contributed to capacity building of teacher educators across seven countries who can play a key role in teacher educator development in their university, nationally and internationally” (InFo-TED White Paper, June, 2019).

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