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 Dissemination     The dissemination concept has been discussed in a skype meeting in May. In addition to the project website, the short newsletters and the national educational networks a youtube channel will be installed. In future there you will find short videos or podcasts from the different partners.     see Dissemination & Info
Meeting     Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg     04.02.-05.02.2019

Institutional description


For finding organizational as well as communicational and cooperational patterns within the different implemented university school concepts in Europe a category system has been developed. Until end of July all partners will finish the national analysis for consolidation in September. The university of Bamberg will present the final result at the meeting in Brno in October.


National analysis: July

Consolidation: September

 Meeting      Masarykova univerzita Brno     03.10.-04.10.2019

Good practice collection


In consequence of the institutional description of IO1 we want to find examples of good practice within the concept of university schools by comparing a theoretical concept with practical implementation. This would be done by telephone and online interviews with participants of the identified university school concept.



Beginning of 2020


Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nuremberg



Meeting     Online-Meeting     26.05.-27.05.2020
Meeting     First Project Board Meeting (Online-Meeting)     01.12.2021

Educational module


On the basis of the first two intellectual outputs an educational module for school-based teachers and school leaders of university schools would be developed. The focus is on the implications for school-based teachers and school leaders acting within an university school concept and the different way of communicating and cooperating with universities. The development will be based on an active learning approach. The instructional materials (comprehensive language, visualizations, didactic reduction and transformation, etc.) will follow this appraoch.

    Beginning of 2021 

Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet NTNU Trondheim (Online-Meeting)




For dissemination of the university school concept in Europe a (digital) handbook describing the different university school concepts and their different implementation on the mesolevel would be designed. It includes orietation knowledge of university schools about teacher education in Europe and different possibilities to implement university schools. Furthermore it describes a common denomminator (or at least patterns) in the different concepts.

    Mid of 2021 
Multiplier event    

Universidad de Lisboa (Online-Meeting)


This marks the project closure, where all outputs, results and impact can be appraised and presented. Promoting the project and engaging European and national key stakeholders and experts, namely their representatives, to discuss it and provide feedback and input about the project outputs future adoption.


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